PMO and Management screenshots

The Project Management Office gets a full and dynamic overview of the portfolio, Financial and execution status and risks and other observations / issues.

Management Dashboards and Reports

Rich and flexible Dash Board & Report functionality. You can build and save the most advanced reports by mapping data from the MPI database and design the layout, drag and drop. Dashboards are available on web both on-line as well as off line, where you can save it a file with all attributes and interactive features.

All Gantt charts and other views can be printed directly or in pdf files exactly as they appear in MPI. Data can be created in Excel directly from the grid view, or you can define spreadsheets in MPI and export them to Excel. You can also take input from Excel and map data to the MPI database.

Project Manager screenshots

The Project Manager can do all traditional project planning, defining Projects, use Templates and define Work Break Down and Dependencies + much more, e.g.:

  • Assign ressources and observe bottlenecks with 2 synchronized Gannts
  • Zoom and change timeresolution
  • Schedule based on dependencies, interactively
  • Control Progress, make reports and follow historical development
  • Work with workflows with people and ressource owners
  • Include project model in templates.

Resource owner screenshots

The resource owner has all functions needed to:

  • Be active in the assigment of people to jobs in transparent collaboration with project managers
  • Control capacity for individual ressources, teams and budget ressources.
  • Help decide on when to buy in external people
  • Analyze the long term needs for capacity in the widest sense
  • Work with competences and skills in any detail and combination
  • Define cost and revenue rates and other factors
  • Control performance of people, promised versus delivered capacity.

Personal Functions screenshots

The individual can:

  • See and manage task lists, with instructions, planned hours etc.
  • Make personal planning e.g. on a daily basis
  • Report time, estimate to complete, issue logs, notes, etc.
  • Add new tasks
  • Update his capacity data, e.g. vacations and personal bookings and overtime