Explore the amazing benefits and how MPI delivers great results



Marstrand Planning Intelligence, MPI, is powerful and feature rich. But that doesn’t mean it takes forever to see results. We’ve designed MPI to accelerate time to value.

  • Efficient processes. One common database with transparent access to information.
    Instant consolidation. Savings in administrative costs

  • Consolidated portfolio overview with drilldown to details and other analytics

  • Agility. Faster response, faster calculations of consequences from decisions

  • Delivery of capacity as promised

  • Quicker results and better cash flow

And you avoid:

  • Budget overruns

  • Fire-fighting and stress caused by bottlenecks

  • Project delays

  • Bad data quality


Our experienced consultants implement MPI in 2-4 workshops over a period of down to 3 weeks depending on complexity and your resources.

We have created a comprehensive and well-engineered solution around a carefully designed database to over-come the drawbacks of existing tools and to adapt to each organization’s culture, maturity level and different needs of people depending on their roles and responsibilities.

We offer one standard platform from which you can combine functions and displays in any way you want. We deliver several templates which can serve as inspiration and a starting point. We offer help and support to guide you to a fast and rewarding implementation.

When you install MPI you will get the complete code. Your license will give you access to the functionality you pay for. If you later want more, we simply change the license key accordingly. This is your guarantee of the highest quality and that you can grow with MPI without needing any programming or other technical complications.

You can be sure that all functions work together. You can order different product packages according to the roles you want to support with MPI. Based on our templates we modify the setup on the spot to your need and preferences.

Our advice is: Start simple with the essentials and grow the use as you go along. You will not need any programming, cumbersome design and test of logic. It works.

Our experience tells us that the biggest challenge for you will be to clean up your data. MPI is the perfect tool for this, because everything is transparent and graphical. User training is also modest because MPI is intuitive. If you know how Excel works, you will be comfortable.

Let us start with a trial installation on your data. Free of charge. You can use a trial installation for a period.

Transparent Budgets

Avoid budget overruns

CORPORATE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT for projects and services. MPI has it all, driven by RESOURCES and price tables assuring transparency and consistency. Forecasting by project and line managers, project status reporting as foundation for trend and performance evaluation and BUDGET MANAGEMENT.  MPI can even deliver automatically generated projected Profit & Loss statement, with drill down to any detail.


MPI offers a powerful and flexible engine for analytics and statistics on performance and scenarios. The well-structured and complete MPI database stores both data from planning, feedback from execution and results of calculations, distributed on the timelines with the resolution you choose. It is easy to extract and import data for other systems e.g. data warehouse, BI and ERP.

Replace Excels

Most organizations we meet handle Resource and Budget Management using scores of Excels. Lack of consistency in data quality, time lost on cut & paste and slow, cumbersome consolidation to bring management the needed overview. MPI easily sucks up Excels and connect them to the common database. It is a simple and easy way to start the implementation of MPI. From that point you can benefit from MPI in so many ways.


Project Managers. E.g. Monthly input. Fixed routine

Financial Department. Management

Project Managers. E.g. Monthly input. Fixed routine:

Financial Department. Management:

Best use of Capacity

Avoid bottlenecks

BOTTLENECKS happens often and cause many problems, delays, stress etc. Future bottlenecks are not easily detected. MPI’s integrated resource capacity management and double GANTT planning board make your plans realistic and transparent. It’s easy to assign ressources with flexible, dynamic resolution of time. The red/green resource Gantt discloses any kind of bottleneck. Thus you will know in advance of potential dangers ahead and adjust accordingly.

Reduce stress

Workload, lack of transparency, uncertainty about priorities and constant firefighting cause stress with severe consequences to the person, the team and the organization. MPI assures that your people are clearly informed, always updated and have the best means to react and report back.

Motivate and retain

Your people are your most valuable resource. You should do what you can to retain and motivate with better planning. MPI offers powerful management of skills and competences. Useful when you assign people for jobs considering efficiency quality and personal development at the right pace.

Faster Projects

Avoid delays

Your customers, your results and your cash flow depend on projects and services delivered in time. Delays cause of other delays. MPI helps you to handle all CONSTRAINTS, resource capacity, dependencies and budgets, realistically with a global view of your entire portfolio. You follow up closely on progress and act timely with agility, precisely knowing the consequences.

Simplify processes

DECISIONS should be based on facts and they should be timely. MPI serves any role in your organization, Management, Project Office, Project Managers, Line Managers and the people and partner doing the work. MPI saves time and effort, assures quality of information bring other necessary overview with seamless access to the essential detail.

Great Usability

MPI is made simple in every way you can dream of. We take inspiration from our many users.

USABILITY. Configure the system intuitively to exactly meet your specific needs. We have taken much inspiration in EXCEL™. You can set up everything in tables. Select columns, calculations, dash boards etc. as you please. Start with MPI’s rich library of standard templates.

OVERVIEW and DETAIL. You have complete overview through transparency in your always updated data. Smart filters and groupings on the fly help you locate problems and drill down to the essential detail with in an instant. Smart calculations give you the possibilities to set scenarios and see consequences of decisions.

GANTTS are interactive. MPI´s double Gannt, the planners indispensable tool, can handle all dimensions in one view. You will get visibility of bottlenecks and other problems. It’s easy to set up necessary dash boards and many other smart displays.

HELPER TOOLS. With MPI you get smart scheduling algorithms dealing with often overlooked constraints. You also have small tools for distribution of numbers in time cells in Gantt.

GUIDANCE. You have tool tips wherever you are. Step by step guides.